Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for Men Who Have Orchitis – Allowed:

It is important for men who have orchitis to abide by the following instructions.


  1. Do daily workout and relaxation exercises that can reduce stress and thus significantly alleviate inflammation and prevent its aggravation.
  2. Use cold compresses on the testicles especially in case you have pain.
  3. Relax in bed (sleep on your back to not press the testis).
  4. Wear only loose and cotton made underwear.
  5. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin C because it increases immunity.
  6. Have at least 1tsp of pollen every day, or 1 scahet of our Bee Pollen product.



  1. Drink plenty of water 8-10 glasses a day. It is also recommended to drink fresh juices of fruits and vegetables as well as herbal teas.
    Fluids help detoxify the body from accumulated waste and toxins and fight bacteria.
  2. Prefer to drink ginger tea, licorice tea and a common horsetail tea.



  1. Consume fruits and vegetables that contain antioxidants, fibers, and essential vitamins and minerals. Prefer to eat onions, garlic, ginger, citrus fruits, kiwi, red sweet pepper, parsley, and orange colored vegetables.
    It is also recommended to eat cooked tomatoes because they contain lycopene, an anti-oxidant that helps protect the prostate.
  2. Men with orchiditis should eat fruits and vegetables that have high content of fiber.
    Fibers help detoxify the body from toxins and accumulated waste.
  3. Prefer to eat cooked food every day particularly that contains root vegetables.
    Cooked food strengthen the spleen, which in turn helps strengthen the immune system.
  4. Also prefer to consume leafy greens because they have high content of B vitamins.
    B vitamins are essential to maintain the healthy and proper functioning of all body systems especially the immune and reproductive system.


  1. Consume foods that have high content of fiber such as whole grains, legumes, oatmeal, wheat bran, and flaxseeds.
    Fibers help detoxify the body from accumulated waste and toxins.
  2. Prefer to consume Olibanum – Boswellia serrata.
  3. Consume 1tbsp of ground cumin twice a day (morning and evening). You can add it to your food.
    Cumin is a very strong antioxidant.
  4. Consume foods high in zinc such as pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and legumes.
    Zinc is very essential to the proper functioning of prostate, immune system and reproductive system; therefore, it helps treat orchitis.
  5. Consume foods that contain B vitamins such as whole grains and legumes.
    B vitamins are essential to the healthy and proper functioning of the immune and reproductive system.


  1. Consume foods that contain essential fatty acids particularly omega3 such as salmon, sardines, herring, tuna, mackerel, and halibut.
    Omega3 is very essential to the health and integrity of the cells, as well as, for hormonal balance, strengthening of the immune system, and for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for Men Who Have Orchitis – Prohibited:

  1. Foods that weaken immunity and stimulate inflammatory processes such as white flour, white sugar, milk and dairy.
  2. Foods that contain saturated fat and cholesterol such as beef, processed food, margarine, butter, and refined oils because it stimulates inflammation.
  3. Caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea), chocolate, soft drinks and sodas because it irritates the nervous system and weaken immunity.
  4. Alcohol drinks because they cause discharge and removal of minerals and vitamins that are important for the function of body system, especially the immune system and the hormonal system.
  5. Allergenic foods such as corn, milk, dairy, peanuts, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, preservatives and food dyes. These foods weaken immunity and increase inflammation.
  6. Processed and canned foods that contain preservatives, food dyes and flavorings that may weaken immunity and induce inflammation.
  7. Smoking cigarettes and hookah.
  8. Lifting heavy objects.
  9. Wearing tight pants will hinder healing process of orchitis.
  10. Abstain from sexual intercourse until you recover.

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