A Patient with Bone Cancer Gets Rid of Bone Pain Within Two Weeks

Bone Cancer can affect any bone of the human body mainly the hands and legs; However, Breast cancer with metastasis to bones, mostly affects the spine.

Its most common symptom is a severe pain in the spine that is hard to pare.
However, no need to worry any more as in Hekma Center we have natural supplements that can help relief those symptoms very fast and help patients live everyday life normally.

Here is the story of a Canadian woman who got rid of bone cancer pain in only two weeks after using Hekma Center supplements for bone cancer.

Amira 60 years old is only one case out of so many who had breast cancer with metastasis to bones that were cured after taking our natural herbal supplements.

Amira preferred the alternative remedies over the conventional remedies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy because she was aware of the adverse effects of the later ones on the human body.

Trying Our Natural Suplements for the First Time

Amira purchased our natural supplements for bone cancer on August 5, 2019 and started with it immediately.

Amira took the whole wellness program very seriously. She complied completely with the given doses and with the instruction that she received with the package. She also adhered to the guidelines that our staffing team told her.

Info: Our supplement package for bone cancer consists of different herbal supplements including propolis, curcumin and also feverfew.

Two weeks later, she contacted us saying that she feels great improvement in her condition. She explained that she no longer feels that unbearable pain in her bones. And that she also feels much better and much more relaxed.

Below is a screenshot of her whatsapp conversation with a staff memebr.

Amira message to our staffing team

Bone Cancer Pain

Bone Cancer Pain

Amira explains the relief in pain that she felt after taking our supplements.

Bone Cancer Pain

Amira’s gratitude to our staffing team

Amira expressed her gratitude to our staffing team as she is only about to finish her first course of supplements. She confirmed that she is committed to the program. She has also adopted a healthier lifestyle as our staff suggested for her, because she is determined to recover fast.

Our staffed encouraged her to continue with the suggested supplements in order to help her accomplish complete recovery.
We should also mention that Amira also purchased the supplement package for breast cancer, as it is the primary cancer.

We wish all patients a speedy recovery and forever health.

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