How to Live with Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that impacts one’s lifestyle and hinders the usual daily practices.
People with MS may suffer from numbness, vision and balance impairments, fatigue. In addition to pains that drain their energy, and limit their mobility and ability to perform simple daily tasks, even talking.

People with MS and their loved ones have difficulty coping with Multiple Sclerosis and its symptoms. Wherein people with this unexpected disease go through relapses. In which the symptoms flare up significantly, followed by a recovery phase, called remission.
The symptoms may disappear for months, but that does not mean the disease has. They may even flare up again stronger than ever.
For some people, Multiple Sclerosis progresses gradually and continuously without remissions.

It is well known in western medicine that MS is a relapsing illness. Meaning that it progresses and escalates, and one’s state would deteriorate physically and psychologically even with medications.
People with MS usually take immunosuppressants, which make them more prone to other diseases and quicker escalation of MS. This approach is however unacceptable in physiotherapy. Since there are many treatments and behavior changes that can completely treat the disease and control its symptoms.

Is it Possible to Recover from This Disease?

Despite the difficulty of living with MS and its symptoms, it is scientifically and clinically proven to have a treatment.
This supplement package we provide at Hekma Center rebuilds the myelin sheath around the nerves, and helps remove the white spots in the brain altogether. As the MRI scan would clearly show.
The proper MS treatment balances and stimulates the immune system to function correctly. With the help of a healthy lifestyle that helps rebuild the myelin sheath.

What Should One do to Recover from Multiple Sclerosis?

People with MS must do the following changes in their lifestyles in order to improve gradually:

  1. Take the intensive supplement package from Hekma Center, consisting of 20 organic products that help treat the disease.
  2. Follow a strict diet.
  3. Exercise and meditate.
  4. Adhere to the daily instructions in order to recover.
  5. Socialize and attend social events that improve the mental capacity and prevent the mental state from deteriorating. Like playing chess, crosswords, and talking with people.


  • Consume low-fat foods that are rich in fiber to facilitate the bowel function and control the bladder. Which most people with MS suffer from.
  • Undergo physical therapy regularly, in order to perform your daily activities better, and maintain your energy during the day.
    Moreover, it would maintain the muscles and prevent them from atrophy due to lack of movement. Physical therapy also helps with memory and comprehension impairments.
  • Refrain from alcohol and smoking. Since smoking may escalate MS, and alcohol hinders the nervous system.
  • Refrain from white, refined sugar, white flour, soda drinks, and sweetened drinks.
  • Refrain from dairy products, especially cow milk, and use organic goat milk or vegan alternatives instead, like soy and almond milk.

Please contact us for any other inquiries and tips for coping with Multiple Sclerosis and the supplement package we at Hekma Center provide for MS.

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