The Story of a Saudi Young Man Who Cured from Ulcerative Colitis

A 22-years-old young man from Saudi Arabia has cured from ulcerative colitis and rectal ulcers after using Hekma Center treatment package with medicinal herbs. May God grant all patients with forever health and wellness.

We ask God Almighty to give us the means to help cure other patient with our herbal treatments.

Contacting Hekma Center for the First Time

On April 18, 2017, we received an email from the patient’s brother asking us to help him find cure for his brother who has been suffering for 3 years from ulcers of the colon and the rectum.

He said that his brother’s ulcerative colitis is accompanied with severe diarrhea that has exhausted him completely. He then asked for advice if there is a chance that his brother may heal from this disease.

Below, is a copy of the email and the patient’s medical reports before he took our treatment:

Cured from Ulcerative Colitis

Cured from Ulcerative ColitisCured from Ulcerative Colitis

Follow up with the Patient after He Took Our Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

Our staffing team at Hekma Cenetr passed the medical reports to Prof. Younis as soon as they received them. And on the same day, Prof. Younis responded to the patient with promising news that we have a treatment for his case. We gave the patient and his brother a detailed explanation of the patient’s condition, a suggested treatment and diet regime; as well as, the cost of treatment, and shipping methods available.

On April 23, 2017, we shipped the treatment to Saudi Arabia. Three months later, we contacted the patient’s brother to check on his brother as we used to do during the whole period of treatment. He answered that his brother’s condition has remarkably improved. He also informed us that his brother had a colonoscopy and the results were promising.

Info: Our treatment for Ulcerative colitis consists of different medicinal herbs including pomegranate peel (Room product), moringa leaves (Magic1 product), and also Echinacea root (Ech.r product).

Attached below, is a screenshot of the email they sent on July 24, 2017 and of the medical reports showing the patient’s recovery:

Cured from Ulcerative Colitis

The patient’s father also sent us a message via WhatsApp confirming that his son has completely recovered from the disease.

Cured from Ulcerative Colitis

The Preventative Treatment


The patient also continued with preventive treatment for a few more months to prevent the recurrence of the inflammation of the colon and to strengthen the colon and the digestive system as a whole. Today, he is in the best health condition and does not take any kind of medications.

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