The Miraculous Story of Mohamed Who Was Saved from Dialysis and from an Inevitable Death after His Creatinine Level Reached 12

It is very difficult to have one of your organs fail to work properly without knowing the reason for that failure.
We all know the trouble and suffering that all kidney patients go through when they do dialysis. Aside from being attached to a dialysis machine for hours, patients with renal failure suffer grueling restrictions on foods and drinks.

However, with the development of scientific studies during the past years, it became clear that following a healthy diet that contains medicinal herbs could contribute to treating kidney failure and gradually restoring kidney functioning to normal before having to do dialysis.

At Hekma Center, we prove every day that restoring kidney functioning and reducing abnormal creatinine level is no longer impossible.

We bring to you one of many stories that show very fast improvement after adhering to our intensive wellness program and to the diet regime that comes with it.

Mohammad 41 years old from Oman contacted us on November 2019 and ordered the supplement package for kidney failure. He received the package on December 3, 2019 and started with it immediately.

Two Weeks into the Program

On December 17, 2019, two weeks into the program, Mohammad contacted us to inquire about the consumption of green tea and mint tea with supplements. Then he told us that his creatinine level had decreased from 1300 to 943. (13 – 9.43)

Info: Our supplement package for kidney failure consists of different herbal products that contributes to renal health including Ligost product (Osha root), Kraph product (Celery seed), M.Cordy (Cordyceps mushroom) in addition to Ureg. product (Oregano).

Below is a screenshot of Mohammad’s correspondence with our staffing team through whatsapp:

Below is a copy of the blood test results for Mohammad prior to our program.
They show high creatinine level that reaches up to 1262.96 (12.6296) in one, and 11.17 in another.

However, today after only two weeks of the program his creatinine level is 9.43; which showes a great improvement in a very short period of time. These results indicate very soon recovery of Mohammad.


This is a copy of a blood test after consuming our herbal supplements for two weeks:


We advised Mohammad to continue with the program and the diet regime to maintain this improvement and get full recovery.

Info: Mohammad is still on the wellness program from Hekma Center.
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Note: Results may vary from person to person.

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