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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions – FAQ by customers, divided into sections.

What is Hekma Center? and What are the Services that You Offer?

Hekma Center is the largest international organic center that provides natural treatments and products with medicinal herbs. We ship our product to customers in more than 70 countries all over the world. We offer more than 90 organic medicinal products and over 140 treatment packages for various diseases. Our staff is a team of highly skilled and dedicated workers who strive to provide customers with the best services and most efficient natural remedies and organic products. Our staffing team are qualified and professional and they provide the best and fastest service. We at Hekma Center aspire to break records, as we are the best in our field of expertise. We are the best global center that offers the most efficient and safe natural remedies.

For more about Hekma Center, see About US.

How Do I Place an Order in Your Website?

For online shopping and payment methods, please visit our How to buy Guide webpage.

What are Hekma Center Working Hours and Address?

For details about our branches, addresses, contact numbers, and working hours, you can click on the Contact Us and move directly to webpage.

FAQ about Treatment and Cure

Is the Treatment Guaranteed?

We have worked very hard to develop the all treatment packages that we offer in our website. It takes years of experience and relying on many scientific studies to compose with the suggested treatment packages. We have adopted these treatments since the year 2009 and the results are amazing. The success rate of these treatments are very high. They can exceed the 90%. Moreover, all the treatments and products we have are pure organic therefore; they have no side effects to them. The more you comply with the treatment and the instructions attached with it, the more efficient the treatment would be.

You can view the list of references for each product by clicking on the References down the page of each product.

Can You Diagnose my Health Condition?

We in Hekma Center prescribe a treatment packages based on an existing recent diagnosis of the disease- official medical reports. We cannot give diagnoses of a certain health condition based on a patient’s description of existing symptoms.

You should go to a specialized clinic to get a proper diagnosis of the disease before you contact us so we can provide the suitable treatment for your condition.

Should I Go See a Doctor or Just Consult with You?

In case of an emergency during the treatment, you should see a doctor or go to the hospital. You should also do periodical and clinical checkups with your doctor because we cannot accompany a patient or follow up with him/her without recent reports and clear diagnosis.

How Do You Accompany Me (the patient) During the Treatment?

We assign specialized staff members to accompany the patients during their treatment period. The staff members will give the patients guidelines and will provide them with instructions and diet program. They will also review the patients’ profiles every month and will check their new medical reports and examinations periodically.

Patients can keep contact with their personal associate via the whatsapp number for patients or via email.

How Can I Take This Amount of Products?

Some treatments consist of a large number of products and doses. You should take each dosage of capsules within a period of 5 min-‎‎2 hours; it depends on your ability to swallow the capsules.

You can take the capsules before, with, or after meals. You can also open the capsules and add their content with your food. Consult with your personal associate in this regard.

The sufficient time period between doses should be at least 5 hours.

Can One or Two Herbs Only be Sufficient for my Treatment?

What distinguishes our treatment method is that it relies on various herbs because we know that no single herb on its own can cure any disease. Each herb has a certain feature or medicinal property that can assist and contribute to curing the disease, but on its own it cannot do the whole work; therefore, you (the patient) would need to take a whole complete treatment that consists of different herbs that all work together in balance and help treat the disease.

These herbs will also supply the body with the essential vitamins, minerals and salts to help the body stay strong and capable of fighting the disease.

A single herb can sometimes help prevent reoccurrence of the disease, but not cure it completely.

Is the Treatment Safe and Does not Cause Damage to my Liver or Kidneys?

All our products are safe if taken according to the specified doses or according to the instructions of your personal associate. Our products improve liver and kidney functioning and do not cause harm to any other body organs.

Do I Stop Taking my Other Medications When Using Hekma Products?

You should not stop taking your medications when you take our products at the beginning of the treatment. You need to follow the instructions of your personal associate in conjunction with your doctor’s instructions in order to gradually reduce the dosage of your medication before you can dispose of it completely.

How Do I Gain Full Recovery?

  1. You should adhere completely to the list of instructions and to the healthy diet and detailed table of doses that you will receive with the treatment package.
  2. You will feel gradual improvement during the initial treatment period, but you still have to continue with the treatment.
  3. Keep contact with your personal associate‎ and keep him/her updated about the latest developments on your condition, so he/she can guide you throughout the treatment period.
  4. Some treatments last for a couple a couple of months; therefore, you should order the next treatment package before you finish the current one, taking into account the estimated time of delivery (ETD).‎

FAQ about Confidentiality and Security

Do the Information I Send Through Hekma Center Website Remain Confidential and Secure?

Your privacy is critically important to us; therefore, all the information you send through our website remain extremely confidential and are protected by SSL protocol which is a standard protocol used for the secure transmission of documents over a network that is adopted by VeriSign – the most powerful industry for encryption.

All your personally-identifying information (name, address, payment info, or email address) will be kept confidential and will not by any means be disclosed to a third party.

Will my Privacy as a Patient be Maintained?

We in Hekma Center respect the privacy of our patients. The patient’s file and his medical reports will be saved in our archive and will not be disclosed to a third party. Also, when publishing healing stories and thank-you messages from patients after they recover‎, we keep the patient’s personal details, card ‎number or contact number confidential.

Will Details about my Health Condition Show on the Outside Packaging of my Order?

No details of the patient or his health condition will show on the package of the order from the outside. The instructions and diet program will be enclosed inside the package. We write the content of the package (dietary supplement) on the waybill.

FAQ about Shipping, Returns and Customs

What Shipping Methods are Available at Your Website?

You can review all the details about shipping methods and order delivery by clicking on Shipping and Return.

Can I Return a Product After I Receive It?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on dietary supplements, nor can we cancel an order after it has been shipped. You can review the regulations of shipping and returns by clicking on Shipping and Return.

Can I Pay upon Receipt?

We are deeply sorry, but we do not have the ‘Due Upon Receipt’ service. We ship our products to thousands of clients in more than 70 Countries; it would be impossible to collect payments through different couriers.

Are There Any Custom Duties or Taxes Imposed on Your Product?

It depends on your countries regulations for import shipments. You can read more about customs and import tax by clicking on Customs & Import Tax.

Will Order be Held by the Authorities at my Country?

Packages is some countries might go through check process by the customs and authorities at those countries. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to know the laws and regulations of your country therefore, we cannot, and will not, offer advices about anything in that regard. As the buyer, it is your responsibility to find out all the information regarding approving or disapproving of the ‎importing of certain goods into your country before you submit the order.

We have all the certificates and accreditation that entitle our products to enter most countries of the world as we have ISO, GMP and FDA accreditations.

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