MS and Dieting

Following a diet and consuming certain foods help significantly to improve one’s condition from any disease. Certain foods help alleviate the symptoms caused by the progression of a disease.

Like most diseases, the integrity of the digestive system is essential for treating Multiple Sclerosis. Therefore, committing to a healthy diet is significant for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

What Are the Healthy Foods and Nutrients Multiple Sclerosis Patients must consume?

  1. Polyphenols.

    Polyphenols are micronutrients with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Consuming foods that contain polyphenols help prevent damaging the cells. Hence explains the importance of polyphenol for people with MS. Foods that contain polyphenol include apple, plum, grape, broccoli, potato, flax seeds, celery, curry, Salvia officinalis, yellow beans, broad beans, almond, hazelnut, wheat, and oatmeal. In addition to different types of tea, like ginger, rosemary, and cocoa tea.

  2. Foods that Contain Unsaturated Fats.

    Foods that contain unsaturated fats help maintain the integrity of one’s condition. And experts recommend them for people with Multiple Sclerosis since they have anti-inflammatory properties. These foods include all types of fish, especially salmon and sardine, vegetable oils, like flax, olive, safflower, and grape seed oil.

  3. Vitamin D

    Studies show that people with high vitamin D levels are at a lower risk of getting MS. Therefore, Vitamin D is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the bones for people with MS. Since they are more susceptible to get osteoporosis due to lack of movement. The primary source of Vitamin D is exposure to the sun and consuming foods rich in vitamin D. Such as organic eggs, flax seeds, flax oil, Moringa Oleifera, Lentinus Edodes, olive oil, and fish.

    Experts advise Multiple Sclerosis patients to consume Biotin (a type of vitamin B). Especially people with a very progressive MS. Biotin is found in organic eggs, spinach, broccoli, whole wheat, and others.

  4. Fibers.

    Fibers are useful for people with MS disease in several aspects since they feed the benign bacteria and facilitate the bowel movement. Furthermore, they help maintain the integrity of the heart and balance the blood pressure. By keeping the cholesterol level in the blood in its normal range.

    Doctors recommend people with Multiple Sclerosis to take 30 grams of fibers daily. Plenty of foods contain fibers, like fruits, vegetables, brown rice, whole seeds, and legumes.

  5. Probiotics and Prebiotics.

    Probiotics are beneficial live microorganisms that live in the intestines that help combat the harmful bacteria and help with digestion.

    Prebiotics are natural plant fibers that can be found in certain foods. They do not exist in the human body and cannot be digested; they are merely food for probiotics.  Prebiotics are found in artichokes, Asparagus, onion, garlic, dandelion, and others.

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