Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for People Who Suffer from Kidney Failure – Allowed:

It is important for people who have renal failure to abide by the following instructions.


  1. Do relaxation exercises such as yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises because it helps reduce stress, tension and depression that most patients with renal failure have.
  2. If you suffer from severe depression, we recommend you to take Verbena officinalis (Verb. product) and Reishi mushroom (M.Reishi product).
  3. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, B2, and A.
  4. Prefer to consume organic eggs and olive oil since it is high in omega3 fatty acid.


  1. Drink 3 glasses of water (approximately 400ml) every morning on an emptyy stomach. Preferably, wait at least ½ -1 hours before you have your breakfast (for cleansing of the stomach and intestines).
  2. Drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters a day) very important to treat kidney failure.
  3. Drink rosemary tea to reduce fluid retention.
  4. Prefer to drink cinnamon tea or take cinnamon capsules (Cinna product)


  1. Eat a mashed clove of garlic with a spoonful of nectar honey twice a day (morning and evening). If creatinine is too high take two cloves of garlic.
  2. Eat fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, and low potassium fruits.
  3. Prefer to eat the following fruits: cranberries, strawberries, cherry, red grapes, and apples.
  4. Eat fresh or cooked asparagus or take asparagus capsules (Aspar product).
  5. Prefer to eat spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, dried tomatoes and avocados because they are high in phyto-protein.
  6. Eat vegetables that are high in omega 3 such as lettuce, spinach, and broccoli.
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in calcium such as leafy greens, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, and figs.
  8. Prefer to eat vegetables that are rich in vitamin A such as: sweet pepper, chili pepper, carrot, green vegetables, lettuce, dried apricot.
  9. Consume vegetables high in vitamin B2 such as leafy greens, mushroom, and soybean.
  10. Eat vegetables that have high content of vitamin C such as chili pepper, sweet pepper, fresh herbs, dark leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple, mango, and watermelon.
  11. Eat parsley or drink parsley tea if you have acute or chronic urinary tract inflammation to prevent kidney failure.


kidney failure

  1. Eat oat bran and foods that are high in omega 3 such as: walnut, beans, flax seeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds and sesame.
  2. Eat foods high in zinc such as legumes, nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, and wheat germ.
  3. Consume phyto-protein in small amounts. Preferably eat whole grains, quinoa, buckwheat, black wheat, barley, bulgur, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds, chia, cowpea, green peas, peanuts, peanut butter, almonds, pistachios, cashews, white beans, black beans, lentils, chick peas, soybeans, beans and legumes, nuts.
  4. Eat foods high in calcium such as almonds, soymilk, tofu, sesame, whole grains, and legumes.
  5. Prefer to consume raw nuts especially walnuts since they are rich in vitamins A, B2 and C.


kidney failure

  1. Eat fish that are high in omega 3 such as: sardines, salmon, mackerel, halibut, tuna, and sea food.
  2. Eat fish high in calcium such as sardines and salmons.
  3. Prefer to increase the consumption of fish and seafood in general because it is rich in vitamin C, B2, and A.
  4. Prefer to eat liver because it is high in vitamin A.

Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for People Who Suffer from Kidney Failure – Prohibited:

  1. Prefer to avoid butter and fried foods because these type of foods weaken the immune system.
  2. Foods that contain great amount of saturated fats and animal protein such as red meat, especially beef.
  3. Salty food, especially if you have hypertension or swollen limbs.
  4. Snacks, smoked meat, smoked cheese, sausages, and processed meat.
  5. Smoking and alcohol has a very bad effect on patients with renal failure.
  6. Prefer to avoid also energy drinks, soft drinks and sodas. All weaken the immune system.
  7. Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea.
  8. Foods that contain white sugar and white flour such as sweets, pastries, white bread and cakes.
  9. Reduce the consumption of foods high in phosphorus such as tahini, chocolate, fava beans, lentils, nuts, peanuts, cheddar cheese, oat bran, yeast.
  10. Prefer to reduce the consumption of foods high in potassium such as: potato, tomato, spinach, watermelon, beets, white beans, canned salmon, peach, dark honey, tuna, banana, pumpkin, dried fruits, avocados, dark vegetables, beef, chicken, pomegranate, tahini, and chickpeas.
  11. Prefer to reduce the consumption of these fruits: bananas, citruses (except lemon), kiwi, melon, peaches, papaya, guava, pears, raisins and dried fruits.
  12. Reduce the consumption of spices in food especially chili pepper and ginger because they may cause hypertension.
  13. Avoid Thyme and salvia and other aromatic herbs.
  14. Avoid processed foods and canned foods that contain preservatives, food dyes and flavorings because they weaken the immune system.
Note: Some of the foods mentioned above can be found in the list of permitted and also in the list of less consumed foods. This is due to the presence of many different nutrients in these foods. It is always preferable that you consume small quantities of these foods.

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