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Hekma5 Coupon

Coupon Hekma5 – 5% discount voucher of the entire shopping cart

Welcome to Hekma5 coupon page

This voucher gives you a 5% discount on the total sum of the shopping cart.

You can use the following coupon code Hekma5 in the checkout page or shopping cart and enjoy 5% off your order. (Shipping and delivery charges not included).

It is very easy, all you need is to enter the coupon code in the shopping cart and update cart.

The new final total amount will appear after you apply the discount coupon on the same page.

To go to the shopping cart click here.

Coupon Terms of use:

  • You can use Hekma5 coupon on all products and treatment packages.
  • Hekma5 coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers.
  • ‎This coupon cannot be used on products with a discount or a special ‎ Coupon is only valid on products that do not fall under offers and sales campaigns.
  • Usage of coupon is limited to 5 times per buyer. You can use Hekma5 coupon on 5 different purchases.
  • Coupon expiry date is 1.1.2021


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