Herpes Scars – Causes and Treatment

Herpes is an infection caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), and it is categorized into two types, oral herpes (HSV-1), and genital herpes (HSV-2). This virus leads to the eruptions of ulcers and sores on the infected area or around it, and these sores might break open and leave scars.

How Does Herpes Scarring Happen?

Herpes scars do not appear unless the sores break open, wherein the friction when aggressively washing the infected area or rubbing against clothes may lead to scarring. The sores might also break open on their own. Typically, they heal within 1-2 weeks without leaving scars, however, if the sores were popped or picked at within this period, they will leave apparent scars.

Some people experience changes to the skin around the herpes sore, including:

  • Redness or skin color change around the sores.
  • Lines.
  • The skin becomes thicker than before.

How to Prevent Herpes Scars?

You can protect against herpes scarring by doing the following:

  • Keep your skin clean, by washing your face, genitals, or anal area with soap and warm water. One must do that at least twice a day, but without scrubbing.
  • Moisturize the infected area with a moisturizer free of alcohol and fragrances, and prefer to use Vaseline.
  • Cover the infected area with a bandage, this will prevent friction and sores from breaking out.
  • If the sores cause itching, apply a cream on the infected area instead of scratching.
  • Use medications for relieving herpes and viruses.

Treating Herpes Scars

Home remedies for herpes scars include the following:

  • Vitamin E:
    You can take vitamin E supplements, or apply it on the infected area while massaging gently in order for the skin to absorb it completely. Repeat every day.
  • Coconut oil:
    Heat up coconut oil in the microwave until it becomes liquid. Then apply the coconut oil to the infected area and gently massage it, repeat twice a day to achieve satisfying results.
  • Aloe Vera:
    Apply the aloe vera gel directly on the scars and leave for 30 minutes, then wash the area with warm water and soap and dry it off gently.

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