Inhibited sexual desire (ISD):

Inhibited sexual desire (ISD) is a low level of sexual interest referred to as low sexual drive; in addition to anorgasmia – the inability to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. A woman with ISD will not start, or respond to her partner’s desire for sexual activity.

Causes for Inhibited Sexual Desire in Women

  1. Common relationship factors such as conflicts, toxic communication, controlling attitude, criticism, defensiveness, infidelity, betrayal, and lack of emotional connection.
  2. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder – HSDD.
  3. FSAD – Female sexual arousal disorder.
  4. Hormonal changes.
  5. Traumatic sexual experience such as incest, rape, or sexual abuse.
  6. Pain during intercourse may cause inhibited sexual desire in women.
  7. Pregnancy, abortion and also breast-feeding.
  8. Negative thinking patterns (anger, dependency, fear of intimacy, or feelings of rejection).
  9. Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem.
  10. Overuse of alcohol and also street drugs.
  11. Pain and insomnia which eventually lead to fatigue.
  12. Side effects of some medicines, especially antidepressants and anti-seizure drugs as well as chemotherapy.
  13. Low estrogen or testosterone level in women.
  14. Menopause can cause HSDD.
  15. Certain diseases can affect libido (sexual desire). The most common of these are: atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, cancer, coronary heart disease, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), in addition to neurological issues, diabetes, and arthritis.
  16. Physical or psychological disability.
  17. Hard work and lifestyle imbalances.
  18. Low blood flow to the vagina.
  19. Female Circumcision also known as female genital mutilation (FGM), a process is which they cut or remove some or all of the external female genitalia. Circumcision is a ritual habit in third world countries.


  1. Lack of sexual desire for six months or more.
  2. No interest in sexual activity is obviously a clear sign of frigidity.
  3. Difficulty reaching orgasm and getting pleasure from sex.
  4. Lack of pleasure sensations when the genitals are stimulated.
  5. Very few or no sexual thoughts or fantasies.

Recommended Treatment