Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for People Who Have Migraine – Allowed:

It is important for people who suffer from migraine attacks to abide by the following instructions.

General advice for people who have migraine:

  1. Oxygen inhaling is the best solution during the seizure. Inhaling oxygen for 15 minutes shall treat migraine right away. (Non-permanent treatment)
  2. Regulate your meals.‎ you should eat 4-5 small meals at frequent intervals (every 2-3 hours).
  3. Massage the upper back, neck, head and shoulders to relive tense muscles and to improve ‎blood flow to the brain and help with relaxation.‎
  4. Exercise on a regular basis because sports help reduce tension and stress, ‎stimulate blood circulation, improve mood and protect body systems. ‎
  5. Take vitamins and nutritional supplements to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Prefer to take the following: zinc picolinate, folic acid, bee pollen, and Barley and wheat grass.
  6. Use essential oils that can help alleviate pain. Prefer to use mint oil and lavender oil and rub it on the forehead.
  7. When having a seizure, take a hot shower and rub your forehead with olive oil soap mixed with other herbs like lavender and chamomile. It helps alleviate the pain.
  8. Take 1 spoonful of nectar honey twice a day (morning and evening). You can dissolve them in a glass of water to help cleanse the digestive system.

Liquids (Water- Juices- Teas)

  1. If migraine attack occurs after exposure to cold air, it is best to drink a cup of cinnamon tea.
  2. Drink tea made of the following herbs: sage, rosemary, chamomile, Melissa, oregano, fennel seed and mint. You can also mix them all together.
  3. Drink ginger tea and licorice tea. (Not recommended for people who have high blood pressure)
  4. Drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day).‎
  5. In some cases of migraine, caffeine (coffee) may help alleviate the pain. ‎
  6. Melissa is one of the most important herbs that help treat headaches or migraines. Have Melissa tea constantly.
  7. Add olive oil to your food because it is rich in essential fatty acids.

Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Insert fresh mushrooms to your healthy diet. Prefer to eat oyster mushroom and reishi mushroom.
  2. ‎Adhere to a healthy and organized diet and eat plenty of fruits and ‎vegetables because they are very important for the proper functioning of the ‎nervous system and the digestive system since they are considered a rich ‎source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Preferably, eat leafy greens, ‎sprouts, root vegetables, apples, pears and papayas.‎
  3. Fruits and vegetables also have high content of fiber that helps detoxify the body and remove ‎accumulated waste.‎
  4. Eat avocadoes because they are rich in essential fatty acids.

Whole grains – Legumes – Seeds and Nuts

  1. Add black cumin (nigella sativa), turmeric and cumin to your food.
  2. It is prefer to have 2tbsp of freshly ground cumin every day, or to drink cumin tea instead especially for those who have digestive disorders.
  3. Add flaxseeds to your food for it is high in omega3 fatty acid. Omega3 is essential to ‎the proper functioning of the ‎nervous system and the digestive system.
  4. People who suffer from migraine should consume foods rich in B vitamins such as whole grains (whole rice, ‎oatmeal, quinoa) and legumes (lentils, beans).
  5. ‎Consume foods that are rich in other essential fatty acids. Preferably, eat raw ‎walnuts, almonds and seeds.
  6. ‎Eat foods that have high content of fibers such as oatmeal, whole grains, ‎legumes. Fibers help detoxify the body and remove ‎accumulated waste.

Fish and Seafood


  1. Eat various kinds of fish that are high in omega3 fatty acid because it is essential to ‎the proper functioning of the nervous system and the digestive system. ‎Preferably, eat sardines, salmon, herring, tuna, halibut, and mackerel.‎

Healthy Diet and Daily Instructions for People Who Have Migraine – Prohibited:

  1. Foods that contain Tyramine amino acid such as cheese especially yellow cheese and ripe cheeses, chocolate, smoked fish, smoked meat, coffee, citrus fruits and vinegar.
  2. Allergenic foods that may cause discomfort in the digestive system such as corn, milk, dairy, chocolate, citrus fruits, meat and others.
  3. Powdered soup, spice blend, sauces because they all contain phenylalanine that affects the functioning of the Neurotransmitters.
  4. Foods that contain histamine such as milk, dairy, caffeine, chocolate, citrus fruits, canned fish, alcohol, sugar and others.
  5. Foods that contain E102 food dye that gives green and yellow color to foods such as ice cream, snacks, some dried fruits and others.
  6. Stimulants such as caffeinated beverages (coffee, tea), chocolate, soft drinks and sodas because they worsen sleeping disorders and induce migraine attacks.
  7. Simple carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour, cakes and biscuits.
  8. Foods that contain saturated fat such as beef, processed food, margarine, butter and refined oils.
  9. Stay away from non-pleasant smells that may cause upset stomach and trigger migraine like the smell of fried food or even some perfumes.
  10. Tension and stress.
  11. Cigarettes and hookah.
  12. Energy drinks, soft drinks and sodas.
  13. Red meat, especially beef.
  14. Poultry, especially for women who have hormone related migraine.

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