Multiple sclerosis – Ammar is a Jordanian young man who recovered from MS

We bring to your hands the story of Ammar, a Jordanian young man who has cured from MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis after using our organic treatment.
Ammar used to always, complain from back pain and numbness in the legs. But, after he used our treatment of MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis, all the symptoms disappeared.

It all began in November 29, 2015

At that day, we received an e-mail from Ammar’s father asking if we can help him find a cure to his son’s illness.

He wrote:


I have a 23-year-old son who has been suffering from MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis for six years now. Moreover, it initially affected the optic nerve of his left eye. Therefore, we saw some professional doctors who prescribed Interferon beta-30 mg for a weekly therapy. However, nothing helped and the disease has spread to the bone marrow. Now, He suffers from back pain and numbness in the legs.

Finally, I hope that your treatment is beneficial. I am waiting for your response in which you explain how to get the suitable treatment for my son”

Attached below is a translation as well as a screenshot of the first e-mail:

Trying the first course of treatment

MS Disease

The father explains the son’s condition

Ammar started taking the treatment for MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis on December 18, 2015. On December 24, 2015, 6 days after he started with the treatment, we contacted the father to check on Ammar. He wrote back:


Ammar started the treatment on Friday, December 18, 2015. Moreover, he is completely committed to the treatment plan. Afterwards, his back pain and leg pain has slightly alleviated but he still cannot see clearly with his eye. I hope he gets a speedy recovery with your treatment for MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis.


MS Disease

The father explains how his son’s health has improved

Keeping contact with our patients until recovery from MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis

On February 1, 2016, we contacted the father to check on Ammar again.

He replied:


Ammar has never been better. He no longer suffers from back and legs pain. However, his vision is still blurry. We want to do an MRI scan after he finishes the first course of your treatment to see the change in myelin.”

The father explains how his son does not feel any back pain

Two years later

On September 28, 2017, two years after he finished the first course of treatment, we contacted the father again even though they never ordered another package. The father responded as follows:


Thank God, Almighty, my son – Ammar has completely recovered from MS Disease – Multiple sclerosis and no surprising attacks or symptoms have reappeared so far. The MRI scan showed that the white spots on the brain almost completely disappeared.

I wish you more success to discover more treatments

Thank you.”


The Father says that his son is completely recovered from MS

A proof from Ammar’s Doctor that he no longer suffers from MS

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