What is Multiple Sclerosis? How to Manage Multiple Sclerosis and its Symptoms?

In this article, you will read the recovery story of Mohammad from Kuwait, and the regression of Multiple Sclerosis, which he suffered from.

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease in the nervous system that noticeably impacts a person’s daily life practices. It affects different body organs depending on the location of the disease in the brain and the Myelin deficiency around the nerves in that area.

Myelin deficiency may significantly affect the body’s mobility, balance, vision, swallowing, digestion, and bladder function. As the disease progresses the symptoms escalate and become intolerable.

Mohammad Challenges the Disease

Mohammad is an 18-year-old young man, resides in Kuwait. He was diagnosed with MS at a young age, he took several treatments. Such as Cortisone injections for a short while, in order to alleviate the symptoms after relapses. However, they did not help with the disease and its chronic symptoms.

Mohammad’s father, like any other father would, searched online for so long seeking a suitable program for his precious son, and that is when he found Hekma Center.
He did not hesitate for a second, as he purchased the supplement package for MS immediately after explaining Mohammad’s case and showing the medical reports to our team.

The medical reports before our supplement package for MS

multiple sclerosis

multiple sclerosis

تراجع مرض التصلب اللويحي

تراجع مرض التصلب اللويحي

We are proud to provide a path-breaking, unique, and fast-acting wellness program that may help with MS and eliminates the white matter lesions in the brain. In addition to a healthy diet that contributes to the program. It is noteworthy that maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is crucial for recovery. Wherein certain foods may escalate the disease’s progression, while others may benefit to overcome it.

MRI Reveals the Disappearance of the White Matter Lesions- MS Regression

After taking the supplement package from Hekma Center, the results showed quickly. There was an improvement in Mohammad’s condition, and the symptoms declined gradually. Wherein his mobility became easier, his bowel function improved significantly, and he became more focused.

In this stage, we explained the significance of continuing the wellness program without stopping in order to recover completely, God willing.

Mohammad’s father ordered a second package for Multiple Sclerosis. And after finishing it, Mohammad did an MRI scan, anticipating the results. The test showed a notable improvement in his condition. The regression of Multiple Sclerosis was significant, as there were no white matter lesions in the brain. Furthermore, he was fully balanced and had normal mobility. This is unprecedented for MS cases, wherein the condition constantly worsens and escalates without any noticeable improvements.

تراجع مرض التصلب اللويحي

The medical report after our supplement package for MS.

تراجع مرض التصلب اللويحي

Mohammad’s case is a living proof of the efficiency of Hekma Center’s organic supplements and wellness programs. These natural supplements may rebuild the myelin sheath around the nerves and gradually eliminates the white matter lesions in the brain. Moreover, it may help with the symptoms. Since the supplement package contains products that contribute to transmitting the blood to the limbs more efficiently.

We congratulate Mohammad for the delightful results and the regression of Multiple Sclerosis and wish him a healthy, promising future.

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Note: The results may vary from one person to another.

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