Fatima’s Story of Overcoming Kidney Failure with Hekma Center

The hardest illness a human could have is a failure of a vital organ. Most critical of all is kidney failure. Most patients consider chronic kidney disease a life-sentence.‎

It gets worse over time until the patient ends up on a kidney dialysis machine while hoping and praying for a suitable kidney donor.‎

Moreover, there will be restrictions on certain types of food that a patient is allowed to eat, in addition to the person’s basic need of urinating.

At least, that is the way it used to be. Well it is not any more.

Fatima, a 62 years old Emirati, had diabetes for many years which eventually led to renal failure. She suffers from high creatinine levels in addition to high levels of uric acid and urea.

Fatima contacted our staffing team at Hekma Center for consultation and ended up buying our supplement package for Kidney failure. Prior to her purchase, Fatima sent her medical documents and her last blood work in order to help us put together the right supplement package for her condition.

Hekma Center Wellness Program for Kidney Failure

Our wellness program for kidney failure helps with almost all cases of renal failure before they reach to the dialysis stage. We make modifications to each supplement package depending on the patient condition taking into consideration if he/she has other illness, mainly diabetes, hypertension, or a heart disease.

Info: Our supplement package for Kidney failure consists of different medicinal herbs including osha root, moringa oleifera, gotu kola, and M.Executive product (a blend powder of reishi and cordyceps mushrooms).

The Results

After three days into the program, Fatima did another blood test. The results showed significant improvement in comparison to the blood test results she did two months earlier.

It showed that creatinine level decreased to 4.3 when before it was 4.51. Urea on the other hand, decreased to 114 from 124, and uric acid showed 6.3. Before it was 8.1.

This improvement shows Fatima’s quick response to our supplements and proves that medicinal herbs are effective in helping with kidney failure.

Treating Kidney Failure

Tip: Committing to a healthy diet regime is crucial in order to achieve recovery from kidney failure.
Note: Results may vary from one person to another.
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