Mahmoud Only Needed Two Packages to Recover from Ulcerative Colitis

Colitis is a condition of acute inflammation of the large intestine, the colon. It causes severe pain and has symptoms that are hard to live with. In the case of colitis, small ulcers can develop on the colon lining and if aggravated can bleed and produce pus.

With time, the disease may also turn into colon cancer; therefore, one must treat it as fast as possible.

This is the story of a Jordanian young man who recovered from colitis after he took the Hekma Center natural supplements.

The first correspondence with Mahmoud’s brother was on April 5, 2019. He contacted us to inquire about a supplement package for Mahmoud who according to his brother suffers from ulcerative colitis. The brother wanted to know the success rate of the package and how can they purchase it because they want to try it.

Our staffing team requested a medical document of the diagnosis first; then suggested they should start with the supplement package and wellness program as soon as possible.

Below is a screenshot of the correspondence with Mahmoud’s brother and the medical documents of the diagnosis:

On April 8, we shipped the supplement package to Mahmoud and he received it on April 13, 2019. Inside the package, we send a list of the daily instructions that the patient should adhere to during the program period and afterwards in order to avoid reoccurrence of the disease. This list includes the daily doses and the allowed and prohibited foods that the patient should avoid during the program.

It is important to conceive of the fact that what a person eats is critical in case of any digestion related diseases or disorders.

Mahmoud’s Recovery

Mahmoud’s brother contacted us again on May 18, a month after Mahmoud started with the program. He was excited to inform us that his brother seems to recover from colitis; as he is no longer in pain and the other symptoms of the disease have completely disappeared.

He continues saying that according to Mahmoud’s doctor, he can undergo colonoscopy one year after the diagnosis; therefore, they want to continue with the supplements.

These are great results given that colitis is an autoimmune disease that causes acute inflammations and ulcers that can reach to the rectum. This proves the effectiveness of medicinal herbs in treating incurable diseases.

Info: Our supplement package for colitis consists of different medicinal herbs including pomegranate peel, moringa oleifera, and mushrooms for the digestive system.

After the second course of supplementst, Mahmoud’s felt even better, so decided to take a break. Mahmoud took our supplements for only 4 months and felt as if he never has colitis in the first place. Mahmoud’s brother contacted us via whatsapp on February 18, 2020 to tell that Mahmoud’s recent endoscopy shows that the ulcers have completely disappeared from his colon.

Below, is a copy of the endoscopy report:

Recover from Colitis

Recover from Colitis

Recover from Colitis

Recover from Colitis

Info: Mahmoud is now taking only few of our products for preventative purposes.
Note: The results may vary from one person to another.
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