Nouf’s Story of Recovery from Celiac Disease

It is hard to cope with digestive disorders and to refrain from certain foods because they cause discomfort in the digestive tract.
Celiac disease, also known as gluten intolerance, causes disorder in the digestive system. In celiac disease, the human body mistakenly identifies gluten as an allergen and attacks it causing inflammation and discomfort in the digestive system, mainly the small intestines.

Below is the healing story of a Saudi woman who recovered from celiac disease consuming Hekma Center herbal supplements.

Nouf contacted our staffing team at Hekma Center on September 26, 2019. She explained that she has celiac disease and that she suffers from unbearable symptoms such as colic, nausea, discomfort, appetite loss (inability to eat more than one meal a day), and diarrhea.

Our staffing team suggested for her to take the supplement package for celiac. She agreed and then ordered the package on October 6, 2019.

At Hekma Center keep contact with our patients in order to assist them through the whole process of getting healthier. Therefore, we contacted Nouf to check on her.

Below, is a screenshot of her message to our staffing team explaining to them the great improvement in her condition after only 2 weeks of taking the supplements.

Nouf’s Improvement




Nouf expresses her gratitude for Hekma Center after her recovery from Celiac disease

She explains that she no longer suffers from digestive disorders and that her appetite is back. Moreover, she is able to eat three meals a day without having colic or diarrhea.

Today, Nouf is about to finish her first course of supplements for celiac disease. All the symptoms she used to experience are totally gone. Therefore, she is going to order her next supplement package to ensure recovery. Nouf is on the way to join other patients who took our supplement package for celiac and become completely healthy.

After the second package, she will be able to eat foods that contain gluten freely.

Info: Our supplement package for celiac disease consists of various herbal supplements including Room product (pomegranate peel), Ech.r product (Echinacea root), AK product (Propolis), and also M.Digest product (Mushroom for the digestive system).

Nouf was fully committed to wellness program and the given doses along side the dietary plan and instruction that came with the package.

Nouf expressed her gratitude to our staffing team. Now she highly recommends our supplement package for every person who has celiac disease.

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