Saoud’s Recovery from Indigestion – Dyspepsia

This is an inspiring story of a Saudi guy named Saoud who used to suffer from Indigestion. Saoud was eventually able to treat his disorder very shortly after trying Hekma Center organic treatment for indigestion and now he is completely healthy.

Saoud first contacted us on April 22, 2019, and explained his chronic problem with Indigestion. He asked if we have a treatment that could help him cure from it.

Attached below are screenshots of Saoud’s first messages:

Follow up with Saoud During His Treatment Period

On April 24, 2019, Saoud purchased the first therapeutic course of treatment. He received the package within 4 days after shipping on April 28, 2019. Saoud contacted us immediately after he received the package to guide him on how to take the treatment and adhere to the list of instructions that came with the package.

During the treatment period, our staff at Hekma Center kept contact with Mr. Soud and answered all of his questions and queries about the usage of the treatment. We also explained to him how crucial it is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.‎

Many scientific studies proved the effectiveness of these herbs in the treatment of indigestion – dyspepsia naturally without side effects.

Feeling Improvement

On May 16, 2019, a few days after taking the first course of treatment, our staff at Hekma Center contacted the patient again to check on him.

Saoud said that he feels comfort in his stomach because of the treatment. He also said that he feels he is going to gain his health back in no time.

Note: It is worth mentioning that Saoud felt improvement even though he did not adhere completely to the given instructions.

Saoud confesses that he deviated somehow from the given plan. Therefore, our staff at Hekma Center insisted on the importance of complying with the given instructions, as they are so crucial for a speedy and ensured recovery.

Attached below is a screenshot of the WhattsApp conversation between our staff and Mr. Saoud:

Recovery from Indigestion

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Saoud sent us a message, to inform us that his health condition is in a continuous improvement. This continuous improvement is due to the patient’s persistence and adherence to the given ‎instructions.

Saoud suffered from Indigestion in addition to another health condition that he has had for 10 years. Our organic treatment for indigestion helped him with both conditions. He then purchased a treatment for the second disease, as he believes that he should take the specific treatment indicated for that disease.

Saoud says that improvement manifested itself in the reduction of his body temperature and the heaviness with movement.

This improvement predicts and even ensures future recovery from both diseases.

Attached below, is a screenshot of the conversation between Saoud and our staff:

Our crew, in Hekma Center cheered to the wonderful news, and suggested that Mr. Saoud should continue with preventive doses to make sure that the problem never occurs again.

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