Nuha’s Story Who Recovered from Breast Cancer

We bring to your hands the story of a Saudi patient, Mrs. Nuha – 48 years old, who eventually healed after a long battle with Metastatic breast cancer spread to the boned. Nuha recovered after using Hekma Center supplements package for breast cancer.

On September 1, 2018, Nuha’s daughter contacted our staffing team, and explained her mother’s health condition and asked for a suitable treatment. In her letter, Nuha’s daughter explained that her mother has been recently diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and that she has not taken chemotherapy yet, even though her doctor suggest that she should. Nuha’s doctor told her that she has to start chemotherapy so the tumor would shrink and they would be able to remove it with surgery.

Attached below is the first E-mail from Nuha’s daughter:

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Follow up with Nuha

After her first email, Nuha’s daughter sent all the required medical reports of her mother to our staff at Hekma center who in return, passed them through to Professor Hani Younis to see if there is anything we can do to help her mother. Prof. Hani Younis finally decided upon the suitable supplements, based on the given medical reports that described the patient’s condition.

Info: Our supplements for breast cancer is 100% natural and does not have any side effects. It is suitable for most cases of breast cancer, spread and non-spread.
The supplement package consists of different products including: extract of turmeric, propolis, moringa, in addition to different types of mushroom.

Few days later on the same month, the patient purchased her first course of treatment and started taking it immediately as soon as she received it.

During the treatment period, our staff at Hekma Center kept contact with Nuha and answered all of her questions about the usage of the supplements. We also offered her a detailed description of the healthy diet regime she must adhere to during this period.

Note: It is worth mentioning that the patient has taken our organic supplements alongside chemotherapy sessions, even though we did not recommend chemo for her. Our supplements helped reduce the pain and side effects of chemotherapy. Moreover, the natural supplements sustained strong immunity for the patient.

Nuha’s Recovery from Metastatic Breast Cancer

On April 15, 2019, 7 months after taking our organic supplements, Nuha’s daughter sent us a message to inform us of her mother’s recovery from cancer. In her message, the daughter says that her mother underwent lumpectomy and removed part of the breast. And also that the medical reports stated that her mother’s body is clear of tumors.”

Attached below is a screenshot of the daughter’s E-mail:

Our crew, in Hekma Center cheered to the wonderful news; we suggested that Nuha should continue with the preventive doses to make sure the breast tumor never comes back.

Note: The preventive package consists of a diluted dose of the actual supplement package, which the patient has to purchase once every 3 months.


Attached below, is a copy of the final documents that show Nuha’s full recovery from breast cancer

Metastatic Breast Cancer

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