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Bupleurum Falcatum

Bupleurum Falcatum


Buple product is 100% natural. The product is packaged according to the strict international conditions of safety, health and hygiene. It is certified by local ministry of health and holds GMP, ISO-9001, ISO-22000 and FDA accreditation. This product is exclusive to Hekma Center and can be purchased through our website or through approved sale websites like amazon from all over the world.

Identification Card

  • Product name: Buple
  • Scientific name: Bupleurum falcatum
  • Common name: Bupleurum Chinese
  • Net weight: 42.3 gram
  • Content: 100 capsules
  • Additional names: Bei Chai Hu, Bupleuri, Chinese thoroughwax

Bupleurum Falcatum

Bupleurum falcatum grows mainly  in China, France and the Albs where there is cold weather. It belongs to  the Apiaceae family. It has slender, branching stems with pretty yellow flowers. Bupleurum has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to treat high fever and to stimulate sweating. Modern science discovered some amazing properties of Bupleurum for treating many incurable diseases, such as cancer and hepatitis.

Buple product – Bupleurum indications

  1. for respiratory tract inflammations and diseases: Influenza, cold, swine flu, bronchitis, asthma or allergy. It is also used for the symptoms associated with these diseases such as: fever, sneeze, and cough.
  2.  for cancer, especially liver cancer, lung cancer, ovarium cancer and kidney cancer.
  3.  in parallel with chemotherapy to reduce the side effects associated with it and to strengthen the body to fight cancer.
  4.  to protect the liver and to improve its functioning in case of liver function disorder or liver enzyme disorder. Also, as a prophylaxis of liver diseases.
  5.  for viral hepatitis, hepatocholangeitis, temporal and chronic hepatitis.
  6.  for liver cirrhosis and fatty liver.
  7.  for different autoimmune diseases.
  8. Bupleurum cures from Multiple sclerosis (MS).
  9.  for Crohn’s disease and small intestine inflammation.
  10.  for large intestine inflammation and Ulcerative colitis.
  11.  for PMS-Premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea and menstruation pain. It alleviates menstruation pain and regulates menstrual cycle.
  12.  for some digestive system disorders such as: indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gases and heaviness after a meal. Bupleurum strengthens the digestive system and improves its performance.
  13.  for headaches and migraine due to digestive system disorders.
  14.  for osteoporosis in women.
  15.  for gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  16.  for some skin diseases like psoriasis.
  17.  for tinnitus. (with Ginkgo (Jeen product)).
  18.  for reproductive system and genital tract inflammations. Bupleurum has anti- inflammatory properties.
  19.  for cholecystitis and to stimulate gall bladder functioning.
  20.  for some types of dizziness and connective tissue inflammatory diseases.

Additional Indications

  1.  for organ prolapse.
  2.  to help the body improve its ability to adapt and maintain homeostasis. Bupleurum is one of few herbs that are adaptogenic.
  3.  as a prophylaxis of kidney diseases. Also, for nephritis and renal toxicity.
  4.  to stimulate adrenal gland functioning, especially in patients who used to take Corticosteroid drugs for long period of time.( with ginseng (S.G1 product) and licuorice (AS product))
  5.  for fatigue and depression. Also, to improve sleep efficiency and treat insomnia.
  6.  for high cholesterol levels in the blood.
  7.  to improve concentration, to strengthen memory and to protect brain membrane.
  8.  for internal and external hemorrhoids.
  9.  for joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatism.( as part of a treatment program that includes other herbs)
  10. Bupleurum increases appetite, especially in cancer patients.
  11.  for some cases of epilepsy.
  12.  for muscle spasm.
  13.  for chest pain caused by Angina pectoris.
  14.  for diabetes. It reduces blood sugar level.
  15.  for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.
  16.  for falciparum malaria.


  1.  Buple product is contraindicated for patients on immune system inhibiting medication, because it decreases the activity of the immune system.
  2.  Buple product is contraindicated for pregnant women.
  3.  Buple product is contraindicated two weeks before a patient undergoes a surgery and two weeks afterwards. It contains substances that might slow blood clotting and prolong the bleeding.
  4.  Buple product is contraindicated for patients suffering from bleeding because it contains substances that might slow down the blood clotting process.
  5.  Buple product is contraindicated for people who have a problem in fat absorbing, or have a low level of vitamins: A, D, E, K.


  1.  Buple product should be used with caution in diabetic patients because it contains substances that might slow blood clotting.
  2.  Nursing women can use Buple product only under the supervision of a specialist.

Side effects:

large doses of Buple product – Bupleurum falcatum might cause colic, vomiting, drowsiness, abdominal gas, and diarrhea.

If you experience any of these side effects, you should reduce the dosage.

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