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Calendula Officinalis

Calendula Officinalis


Garden Product from Hekma Center:

1. Can be used to treat various health conditions including uterine diseases, skin diseases and cancer. Read more below.

2. Is a high quality product and is pure organic by 100%.

3. It is certified by local ministry of health and holds a GMP certificate.

4. It holds ISO-9001 and ISO-22000 certificates.

5. And holds FDA Accreditation.

6. The product is home delivered within one week from the day of purchase.

Identification Card

  • Product name: Garden
  • Scientific name: Calendula officinalis
  • Common name: Garden Marigold
  • Net weight: 31.5 gram
  • Content: 100 capsules
  • Additional names: Pot Marigold,Golden-Bloom, Holligold

Calendula Officinalis

Calendula officinalis or Pot Marigold is one of the most important herbs known worldwide. It has been used for centuries for ornamental purposes, as well as culinary, cosmetic and medicinal reasons due to its multiple beneficial features. Various scientific research have proved its effectiveness in treating uterine problems and in preventing and treating cancer. The most important features of Calendula officinalis – Pot Marigold are its anti-inflammatory and diuretic features. Calendula – Pot Marigold is also effective in treating reproductive system diseases in women, PMS syndrome, and in fighting different cancers.

Garden product – Calendula is indicated:

  1.  for stomach cancer, cervix cancer, ovarium cancer, breast cancer, lymphoma, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, pancreas cancer, intestine cancer and skin cancers. It is recommended to bulk the tumor in case of disability to eradicate, or even after eradication to prevent cancer return and outbreak in the body (to use for a year).
  2.  to reduce and prevent the incidence of dermatitis caused by radiation used in breast cancer treatment and general radiation dermatitis.
  3.  for irregular menstrual cycle, menstrual pain and menstrual cramps. It is good for  (PMS) premenstrual syndrome symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety and cramps.
  4.  for anemia due to hypermenorrhea and for hypomenorrhea.
  5.  as a tonic for the ovaries and to help treat some reproductive system disorders and infertility.
  6.  to reduce menopausal syndrome symptoms and menopause disorders.
  7.  as a tonic for the liver. It treats hepatitis, fatty liver, chronic liver diseases and damaged liver due to massive intake of chemical drugs. It  also treats gallstones, cholecystitis and improves the secretion of bile.
  8.  to reduce lymphatic congestion and swollen lymph glands. Also to purify the lymphatic system and reduce edema.
  9.  for stomach disorders, chronic constipation, indigestion, gastroenteritis, stomach and intestinal ulcers, colitis, Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel disease (IBD).
  10.  for peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.
  11.  for prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate pain. It removes permanent prostate pain.

Additional Indications for Calendula

  1.  for vaginal infections and excess vaginal secretions in women.
  2.  for blood filtering and prespiratory. It excretes toxins from the body.
  3.  for overweight in menopause.
  4.  for low hemoglobin level due to menstrual bleeding.
  5.  for various fungi, especially mouth fungi, skin fungi and vaginal fungi. It is a good anti-fungal product.
  6.  for abnormal uterine bleeding, nose bleeding, gum bleeding, and gingivitis. ( for internal and external use)
  7.  to enhance blood flow in small capillaries of the limbs like toes, to prevent cell death. It is also indicated for atherosclerosis.
  8.  for neurological and hysterical gives serenity.
  9.  for different skin diseases like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, measles, mumps, itching, rash, dimples, diaper rash, ulcers, incurable wound, bruises, burns, and inflamed skin. (external use)
  10.  for acne (internal and external use).
  11.  for genital herpes.
  12.  for rheumatism and gout pain.
  13.  for impotence or erectile dysfunction in men.
  14.  for high cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  15.  to fight infections because it has anti – polluting property.
  16.  for hemorrhoids and anal fissure (internal and external use).
  17.  for Flu, common cold, pneumonitis and upper respiratory inflammation. It is also indicated for a sore throat either by gargling with calendula solution or tea. (as part of a treatment program that includes other herbs)
  18.  for Scrofula. (Scrofula is a tuberculosis infection of the lymph nodes in the neck).
  19.  for warts and skin firmness.(external use)
  20.  for slow-healing wounds and various exposed ulcers, it helps speed up recovery rate and healing.(external use)
  21.  for Alopecia. (mix the capsule content with apple vinegar and keep it for 2 weeks before smear for external use).
  22.  for Varices. (mix the capsule content with apple vinegar for external use).
  23.  for high fever and otitis.
  24.  for conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations.


Garden product – Calendula is contraindicated for pregnant women.


Garden product – Calendula flower belongs to the Asteraceae or Compositae family; therefore, people allergic to these plants should be cautious when using Garden product.

Side effects:

Garden product – Calendula is safe for use and has no side effects.

It is safe for use in lactating mothers.

• The product is exclusive to Hekma Center and can be purchased through our website or through approved sale websites like amazon from all over the world.
• The product is packaged according to the strict international conditions of safety, health and hygiene.
Note: bottle comes in 3 different colors: blue/green/brown.

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