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Pomegranate Peel – Punica Granatum

Pomegranate Peel – Punica Granatum


Room product is 100% natural. The product is packaged according to the strict international conditions of safety, health and hygiene. It is certified by local ministry of health and holds GMP, ISO-9001, ISO-22000 and FDA accreditation. This product is exclusive to Hekma Center and can be purchased through our website or through approved sale websites like amazon from all over the world.

Identification Card

  • Product name: Room
  • Scientific name: Punica Granatum
  • Common name: Pomegranate peel
  • Net weight: 51 gram
  • Content: 100 capsules

Pomegranate peel

Pomegranates were highly valued in Ancient Egypt. They were used as a remedy for digestive system diseases by Pharaohs, Greeks and Arabs before Islam. Pomegranate is mentioned in ancient scriptures like The Book of Exodus, Babylon texts and The Holy Quran for its importance. Pomegranate peel is used to expel stomach worms as well as to treat various digestive problems. It is also proven to be effective in treating skin diseases and incurable open wounds especially when mixed with honey. Many scientific research were conducted on the efficacy and the effectiveness of Punica Granatum in treating many diseases since it is considered an excellent anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Room product – Pomegranate peel is indicated for:

  1.  Gastritis, ulcerative colitis, digestive system inflammations and also Crohn’s disease.
  2.  Stomach cancer, colon cancer, bowel cancer, different types of digestive system cancer and also breast cancer.
  3.  Increased gastric acidity or Esophageal reflux.
  4.  Stomach mouth disorders.
  5.  Helicobacter pylori.
  6.  to improve digestion and reduce hemorrhoids swelling.
  7.  to prevent different heart diseases.(pomegranate juice and peel)
  8.  Parkinson’s disease and cerebritis. Also to protect against Alzheimer’s.
  9.  Acne, pimples and rashes. It also prevents signs of ageing since it is rich in antioxidants.
  10.  as a tonic for the immune system because it is very rich in vitamin C. it is great in winter time because it protect against different diseases especially influenza.
  11.  to improve dental hygiene, eliminate bad breath and also treat gingivitis and mouth ulcers.
  12.  Sore throat and gnathitis.
  13.  Intractable and festering wounds especially if you mix the capsule content with honey.
  14.  Osteoporosis.
  15.  Hair loss and dandruff.


There is not enough information about the use of pomegranate peel – Punica Granatum in pregnant and nursing women; therefore, if you are pregnant or breast feeding, please be cautious and consult your doctor.

Side effects:

Pomegranate peel – Punica Granatum is safe if used according to the amount of dosage written on the packaging.

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