Non-dairy Vegan Milk Alternatives

In each home kitchen, you will find some basic food items such as ‎flour‎ and rice. You will also find some other complementary items that are not necessarily available at all times.
Milk for example is ‎essential for most people; therefore, you can find it almost in every house, ‎especially cow’s milk as in some houses people consume it on a daily basis. Some people even make sure to ‎have it permanently in their refrigerator.

We cannot ignore the versatility of milk usage in many recipes, and ‎how it simplifies ‎the preparation of many foods, especially‎ the desserts that we all love.‎

However, sometimes, a person may need to avoid cow’s milk ‎for one reason or another, like when being lactose intolerant and is allergic to dairy products,‎ or when adhering to a certain diet regime, or even just to diminish milk consumption due to its several ‎harmful effects on the body and the digestive system‏.‏‎

In fact, there is no need ‎to deprive ourselves, or our ‎children of the foods that we enjoy to eat, ‎when we can find a healthy substitute. We can also use these substitutes in our ‎favorite traditional recipes, or in new recipes ‎that we try for the first time.

It is even more common these days to use healthy substitute in your food, for it is easy and does not require much effort and time.
First, you need to look for some basic food substitutes and ways to prepare them‎; then, it would become easy for you to unleash your creativity.

What is a Vegan milk‏?‏

It is a non-dairy plant-based milk derived from a plan source. It can be made from ground seeds, nuts, grains, beans, peas, or lentils and water.


Vegan milk is versatile. You can find many plant-based milk alternatives in the market such as almond milk, rice, coconut, cashew, oat, and soymilk.

Some of these milk alternatives can be made at home because they are:

  1. Easy to make
  2. Free of preservatives
  3. You can control their texture and density.
  4. Much cheaper to make than to buy.